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Battersea (Newton Prep) Monday Early: Tier A

Mon 25 Jul 2022

Pitch 1 (Round 2)
PoM: Karming Man (Without a Paddle)
Pitch 2 (Round 2)
PoM: Deslai (Marlon Flarewood (Black))

Mon 01 Aug 2022

Pitch 2 (Round 3)
PoM: Charlie Hill (Marouane Fellate Me (Green & Yellow))
Pitch 2 (Round 3)
PoM: James Dakan (Marlon Flarewood (Black))

Mon 08 Aug 2022

Pitch 1 (Round 1)
PoM: Max Cachman (Marouane Fellate Me (Green & Yellow))
Pitch 2 (Round 1)
PoM: Adam Wilkinson (Marlon Flarewood (Black))