How do the leagues work?

Teams sign up for a season, which typically lasts 10 weeks. You play one game each week at the same venue, which usually lasts 40 or 45 minutes.

We provide all the equipment, from match balls and bibs to FA qualified referees. All you need to do is turn up for your fixture each week. Fixtures, results, tables and stats are all available through the website.

How do we sign up for a league?

Teams can sign up online by completing the entry form online. Once a deposit has been paid, your team will be registered into the league. You can play for one season or stay longer, as many teams do – leagues seasons run back-to-back all year round, except for a break over Christmas/ New Year and on Bank Holidays etc

How much does it cost?

There are no joining fees, affiliation fees or other hidden costs. You simply have to pay a deposit to join a league, which you get back at the end of the league, provided you turn up to all your fixtures. Match fees vary between venues but the average cost works out to around £8 per week per player*. For most leagues, full fees are payable at the start of the season.

How do we pay?

Match fees are payable online by bank transfer or paypal. The fees are payable up front for the season

What do we need to bring to matches?

We provide everything, from FA qualified refs to match balls. All you need is some appropriate footwear – astros or trainers, no studs (moulded studs can be worn on some 3G surfaces).

How do we know when we will be playing?

Fixtures will be posted on the website well in advance of the day of the match, so you can check them easily. Your weekly game will be at the same venue and on the same night each week.

Why does a deposit have to be paid?

Deposits are taken to ensure that once a team enters the league they fulfil every fixture. A no-show means a wasted journey and no football for the opposition, which is incredibly frustrating. If you don’t turn up for a fixture, the match fee is deducted from the deposit and you lose the game 5-0. If you miss more than two games, we reserve the right to remove you from the league.

This system is in place to reduce absences to an absolute minimum and ensure the league runs smoothly.

What happens if the opposition doesn’t turn up?

Forfeits are rare but we will endeavour to arrange a friendly game with another team, with reduced match fees. You will also be awarded 3 points. If you don’t get a game at all, no match fees will be payable.

Do you have pitches available for hire?

Pitches can be hired on a one-off or block booking basis at all venues, subject to availability. Please contact us for info

Do 5aside.org run one-day tournaments?

We hold a couple of one-day tournaments a year and also support selected charity tournaments throughout the year. Please join the mailing list to receive the latest updates. We can also run bespoke events for companies, parties, stag do’s etc…

Do you run ladies leagues?

Yes! Please see the venues page for more info.

* based on a squad of 6 for 5-a-side