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Battersea (Harris Academy) Monday Premiership 5-a-side

Mon 19 Oct 2020

PoM: Ryan Fagg (Double Creamers (BLACK))
PoM: Tim (Peg Leg FC (RED))
PoM: Herbie (Boozers Not Ballers (BLUE))
PoM: Matt Hickman (BFC)

Mon 26 Oct 2020

PoM: Jerome (Making Emile of it (WHITE))
PoM: Will (BFC)
PoM: Ben (Double Creamers (BLACK))
PoM: Dicky (7 Lads. 1 Cup (BLACK))

Mon 02 Nov 2020

PoM: Richard (BFC)
PoM: Martin Gritten (Hardly Athletic (BLACK))
PoM: Hawkeye (The Mighty Morags (BLUE))

Mon 07 Dec 2020

PoM: Hawkeye (The Mighty Morags (BLUE))
PoM: Marcus (7 Lads. 1 Cup (BLACK))
PoM: Herbie (Boozers Not Ballers (BLUE))
PoM: Chris Gritton (Hardly Athletic (BLACK))

Mon 14 Dec 2020

PoM: Giles Woolley (Peg Leg FC (RED))
PoM: Rambo Bale (BFC)
PoM: Michael Douda (Boozers Not Ballers (BLUE))

Mon 12 Apr 2021

PoM: Victor Menezes (Boozers Not Ballers (BLUE))
PoM: Rambo (BFC)
PoM: Jerome Da Costa (Making Emile of it (WHITE))
PoM: David Mcphillips (Hardly Athletic (BLACK))

Mon 19 Apr 2021

PoM: Conrad Lewis (Boozers Not Ballers (BLUE))
PoM: Haji Alecos (7 Lads. 1 Cup (BLACK))
PoM: John Enright (Hardly Athletic (BLACK))
PoM: Bala (BFC)

Mon 26 Apr 2021

PoM: Jerome De Costa (Making Emile of it (WHITE))
PoM: Jack Aynsley (Lovely Lads FC (WHITE))
PoM: Herbie (Peg Leg FC (RED))

Mon 10 May 2021

PoM: Gerome (Making Emile of it (WHITE))
PoM: Pooba (BFC)
PoM: Barney (Boozers Not Ballers (BLUE))
PoM: Mike Mason (The Mighty Morags (BLUE))

Mon 17 May 2021

PoM: Owen Pryce (Peg Leg FC (RED))
PoM: Richard Dixon (7 Lads. 1 Cup (BLACK))
PoM: Jason Baxter (Making Emile of it (WHITE))