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Playing Rules

League and Playing Rules

Any players that play in leagues do so entirely at their own risk. or its agents do not accept liability for any personal injury or loss/damage to property, other than that caused by our negligence.
It is the responsibility of each player to arrange their own insurance policy that will cover them for injury sustained while participating in sporting activities.


1. Captain/team organiser’s role – as team captain you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of playing in the league. It is the responsibility of the captain to be the main point of contact for the team and to ensure that players are aware of the rules.

2.1 All players should be registered. You can register new players to your team at any point during the season, please add them to your team registration list via your online account.
2.2 The number of players that can be registered for a season is unlimited.

3.1 Teams are permitted to borrow players when they are short.
3.2 Teams are still liable to pay their full match fee when using ringers/borrowed players

4.1 All players must wear clothing suitable for playing sport in
4.2 All players must wear the appropriate footwear for their league.  For leagues played on normal astroturf, no studs of any type are allowed. Rubber moulded studs are allowed on some 3G surfaces, please check with your league manager if moulds are allowed at your league
4.3 Shin pads are not a requirement but we do recommend them

5.1 Match fees shall be determined by and are subject to change, with notice
5.2 Match fees can be paid online via the website
5.3 The deposit (see 6) cannot be used against any match fees

6.1 All teams must pay a refundable deposit (either £50 or £100) to enter a league
6.2 To ensure the deposit is refunded in full, teams must pay all match fees during the season, turn up to all fixtures and give proper notice when leaving the league (see 7.2 below)

7.1 Teams absent for a fixture will lose the game 5-0
7.2 One match fee will be deducted from the deposit for any games missed
7.3 Teams absent for 2 games in a season may be removed from the league, or asked to pay a new deposit if they wish to continue
7.4 If you forfeit any matches and wish to continue for another season you must top up your team’s deposit.


1.1 Most matches consist of 2 halves, usually of 18 or 20 minutes, with a max of 1 min for half time
1.2 Please arrive 10 minutes before your kick off so you are ready to go at the start. If any teams are late by more than 5 minutes they potentially can forfeit the match.

2.1 Throw-ins must be taken underarm and under knee height, in a downward direction
2.2 Corners can be kicked or rolled
2.3 Opposition players must be a minimum of 2 yards from corners/throws

3.1 The goalkeeper cannot leave his area*
3.1.1 Outfield players cannot enter the area*
3.2 If the goalkeeper makes a save and part of his body slides out of the area, the referee must use his discretion in deciding when to award a penalty
3.3. Players gaining an advantage by entering the area will be penalised by the award of a penalty (defending) or the ball being returned to the goalkeeper (attacking)*
*This rule may differ in 6/7-a-side leagues. Please check with league management, or your referee if unsure.

4.1 Backkpass – when an outfield player receives the ball from the goalkeeper, the ball must be touched by another player before being returned to the goalkeeper
4.2 An indirect free kick is given if a backpass occurs and it is taken from where the player passed the ball back to the keeper.

5.1 All free kicks are direct, except those awarded for a backpass infringement
5.2 One step is allowed for penalties
5.3 Goalkeepers must not leave the goal line until the penalty is struck

6.1 No slide tackles/charging
6.2 If a slide tackle is committed a free kick is given

7.1 The ball can be played over head-height in majority of leagues*
*Some leagues differ please double check with league manager (London Bridge Marlborough Gardens/Finsbury Park)

8.1 The minimum number a team can play with is one less than a full team. (i.e. 4 players in a 5-a-side league, 5 players in a 6-a-side league, 6 players in a 7-a-side league)
8.2 There is no maximum number to a squad size

9.1 All leagues are roll on roll off subs
9.2 There is no minimum or maximum numbers of substitutions which can be made


1 A 2 minute sin-bin will be given to any players awarded a yellow or blue card
2 For any red cards or violent behaviour, will impose an appropriate ban
3 has zero tolerance towards violent behaviour and this will be reflected in action taken against teams and individuals involved in such incidents
4 reserve the right to ban any team or player indefinitely from any league or competition


1 Three points for a win, one point for a draw. Teams level on points in a League will be separated by goal difference, then goals scored, then head-to-head results.
2 Fixtures will be available through
3 Fixtures may be amended by if it is in the best interests of the league
4 reserve the right to amend league formats
5 There is generally no break between seasons
6 Leaving a league
6.1 Teams can only leave at the end of a season. If you pull out part way through a season you will not be refunded any leagues fees or deposit.
6.2 You need to confirm your place in for the next season by registering online and paying league fees by the deadline which will be stated in the renewal email sent by the league manager
6.3 Deposits are not refundable to teams removed from a league for disciplinary reasons