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Exclusive Offer to Players – Play for Free for 2018/19

We’ve partnered with Fantasy League to give you and your mates an exclusive offer to play their premium fantasy football game for free for the coming season.

Fantasy League’s Auction game is the original fantasy football game and how the game was designed to be played.   The game has had a strong following since in launched in 1991, many of the 1000+ leagues having stuck together for the last 15-20 years.

The game starts with your Player Auction, where you and your mates get together and bid against each other to build your Fantasy League squads.  You can do this at the pub or online, but either way you’re in for an intense and tactical battle.  Think football-meets-poker; where players go to the highest bidder, so in this game there really is only one Harry Kane and if you’ve bid highest, he’s yours.

Click here to see how an auction works.  

This makes for a much more realistic and competitive season, as when your players perform its only you that gets the points.  And when it comes to transfers, the competition and tactics are just as intense, with monthly Sealed Bids in your online Transfer Windows.

Quite simply, it all makes for the best fantasy football game on the planet.    This is the proper way to play – it’s your game, your league, your rivalry.

We’re confident that once you’ve played, you’ll be hooked.  So to make it easier, we’re giving you and your league your first season for free.

Just email and we’ll help get you started.